Scarred by the depravity of an ancient civilisation and reclaimed by a wilderness of beasts and tribal peoples, only in the past few hundred years have the steps of civilized men trod the wondrous and mysterious lands of Kosa. It is in these ancient and treacherous lands that your character will take up arms against the return of a centuries-old evil. Yet, before you dive headlong into your adventures, there are things you must know. This site seeks to prepare you for your quest, supplying you with information about Kosa: an introduction to the varied people that call the land home, a primer to the unique skills and tools you’re likely to encounter, and that extra edge that just might mean the difference between heroic triumph and an ignominious end.

Aside from introducing the Adventure Path, this guide reveals much of the history and background of Kosa and aids players in the creation of characters native to the region. All of the information presented hereon should be considered common knowledge, especially to characters who call Kosa their home—players are encouraged to create characters with ties to this varied land. To aid in that task, this site is organized to facilitate character creation, providing you with details about races in the area, regional characteristics of various character classes, commonly worshiped deities, new feats unique to the region, and equipment created and utilized by natives. Other sections detail the lands of Kosa, with a special focus on White Wave, a town that takes particular prominence in this Adventure.

While any character, new or old, can take part in the adventure, those created and equipped using this site are likely to have an advantage as the events of the Adventure Path unfold. As the first adventure begins in the coastal town of White Wave, characters should consider being local to that community or having a reason for visiting the area. If you choose to create a character from beyond the town, you should work with your GM to establish a reason for being in White Wave.

Rise of the Runelords